Our Approach

North Sky Construction has an owner first mentality. This starts from our very first engagement in the project. For some clients a construction project is a once in a lifetime undertaking and for others, construction projects happen more frequently. Each scenario requires its own unique approach and our experience allows us to provide exactly what is needed for the project.

Our focus is to provide the best value on the project regardless of the delivery method. We feel that the success of a project relies heavily on our ability to collaborate with the owner and designers before the commencement of construction.​ By working with us early in the planning phases of the project, owners are able to be educated on construction methods, alternative construction materials and construction phasing options. We employ all of these practices to provide the best value on the project.

​Our owner first mentality carries into the construction phase of a project as well. Through frequent schedule updates and real time cost tracking owners remain informed of a projects schedule and costs. There are no surprises at the end due to our proactivity and collaboration with all parties throughout the planning and construction phases.

Our owner first mentality results in high quality projects that are completed on time, on budget all while meeting or exceeding expectations.